The Woodworks Project is a small charity based in Bath. We have fully equipped woodwork and upholstery workshops for the benefit of people disadvantaged by mental or physical health conditions, a history of addiction to drugs or alcohol, those who have suffered a debilitating major life trauma and those on the margins of or excluded from society.

Our vision & mission

Our vision is a supportive and inclusive environment, where everyone has a fair opportunity to learn skills for their future and to move forward in their lives.

We are here to support disadvantaged and vulnerable people develop life skills, confidence and build their self-belief and resilience, as well as offering them the opportunity to learn woodworking and upholstery skills in an environment that is safe, supportive, and inclusive.

Our values S.U.C.C.E.E.D

Sustainability – the furniture, wood and fabric donated by the local community is recycled.

United – with the wider community, we reach out to encourage a collaborative and united approach to supporting individuals who face a wide range of challenges, sharing expertise regarding engaging and supporting these clients.

Creativity – everyone is encouraged to use their creativity, both in and out of the workshops, to explore creative things they enjoy, to improve their wellbeing, confidence, and self-esteem.

Confidence – building with everyone to achieve the best they can, without pressure or demands.

Encouragement – for everyone involved in The Woodworks Project to do the best that they can and to recognise and be proud of their achievements. Encouragement for everyone involved to be responsible for their own learning, wellbeing & safety, as well as for those around them.

Equality, Inclusivity & Respect – this is at the core of all we do, we encourage respect for self and others, respect for tools and materials, respect for spaces and boundaries, respect for difference of ideas and backgrounds, places, and culture. We also respect everyone’s experiences, abilities, strengths and needs with the aim of offering inclusive workshops, adapting to individual needs, where possible, to the best of our ability.

Development – of both individuals and the project, we are committed to continue review and improve The Woodworks Project to enable us to offer the best experience possible for everyone involved, to improve lives, wellbeing, confidence, and skills.

Our aims

To run a sustainable project that enables us to offer woodwork and upholstery workshops for the benefit of people who face difficulties through their mental or physical health, disability, homelessness, those who are experiencing or have a history of trauma, abuse, or addiction. Offering the opportunity to develop skills, a sense of purpose, self-confidence & self-esteem in a friendly, supportive, and creative environment.

Working with experienced tutors, clients will be given the opportunity to work a level and pace appropriate for them to the best standard they can, making and renovating items, some for themselves and others to be sold in The Woodworks Project shop to help sustain the project.

The Team

David Melling - CEO

David Melling


Claire Lawrence - Wellbeing Officer

Claire Lawrence

Wellbeing Officer

Tim Manning - Woodwork Tutor

Tim Manning

Woodwork Tutor

Layla Lamonde - Upholstery Tutor

Layla La Monde

Upholstery Tutor

Philippa Jowett - Administrator

Philippa Jowett


Sharon Melling - Communication Support Worker

Sharon Melling

Communication Support Worker


Jen Tilbury Hughes - Chair

Jen Tilbury Hughes


Bill Shaw

Bill Shaw


Kaja Bronowska

Kaja Bronowska

Steph Massie

Steph Massie

Dagmar Wright

Dagmar Wright

Eve Saunders

Eve Saunders