The Woodworks Project provides workshops in two main fields: woodwork and upholstery.

Within these workshops, clients will learn many skills, from making basic useful objects out of wood, creating colourful scatter cushions or lampshades in upholstery. When the skills level increases, the projects become bigger and more elaborate. With two fully qualified tutors and trained volunteers, the skills the clients learn will allow them to move forward to explore other options such as further education in their chosen field or a potential apprenticeship.

At the beginning of the journey, each client will be assessed by our Wellbeing Officer to access goals and aspirations. All through the client’s journey, the Wellbeing Officer will continue to assess their journey, their wellbeing and achievements.

Criteria to access our courses;

Aged: 18+

Either be out of work and in receipt of benefits or to be in work/self-employed but earning below £18,004 per annum. Clients who receive/are entitled to a personal budget relating to their support need, will be encouraged to apply for this with the support of their referrer, to help fund their course costs. Where possible we will encourage clients to apply for funding to help the Woodworks cover costs to enable us to be sustainable as a charity.

We aim is to reach those people in the community who are facing challenges in their life such as mental or physical health, learning disabilities, autism, substance or alcohol misuse, domestic abuse or homelessness and would benefit from attending a meaningful activity that they will not only enjoy, but that also enables them to learn a new skill, build their confidence & self-esteem.

Clients can, initially, attend one session per week of either woodworking or upholstery.


Workshops will be delivered weekly

  • 12-week course, ½ day week on Wednesdays 10-1.30pm
  • 6-month course, full day 10-4.30pm on Thursdays

Workshops will be delivered weekly

  • 12-week courses, ½ day week 1-4.30pm on Tuesdays OR 9.45-1.15pm Thursdays
  • 6-month course, full day 10-4.30pm on Wednesdays
Additional Wellbeing Support;

Clients will also be offered the opportunity to work with the Wellbeing Officer, firstly to help reduce any anxieties about attending the workshops, but also to ensure we offer a person-centred approach, based on the clients’ individual needs.  Whilst on their course, clients will also be offered the opportunity to explore ways to improve their wellbeing and to also consider future goals and aspirations with the Wellbeing Officer, who will encourage them to consider a pathway forward, when they leave The Woodworks Project course, and support them to identify the steps towards this.

Community Collaboration

The Woodworks Project is working hard to build links in the B&NES community, so we can work collaboratively alongside other organisations that offer education, groups, volunteering, or employment support, depending on the need identified by the client.

Our ethos is to offer a supportive, inclusive, and nurturing environment where people feel safe to learn and engage, with a client centred approach to ensure the appropriate support and guidance are given whilst attending the workshops.

For public and corporate:

Public workshops: The Woodworks Project will be offering workshops in woodwork and upholstery. These will vary from 1 session to 6 sessions over a period of weeks. These will take place in evenings, weekends, or holidays.  More details will follow.

Corporate Team Building days: Half day creative workshops in woodwork or upholstery followed by lunch and team building activities in the afternoon. A creative and exciting way for teams to build stronger working relationships with their colleagues and take home a gift!